The Bagpipe Society    (in Chanter Magazine, November 2013)

There’s something special about bagpipe trios – the harmonies, tensions and chordal progressions, set against rich harmonic-laden drones seldom fail to move me. Airbag follow a path previously taken by such illustrious trios as Trio Cornemuse and Trio Sautivet, to equal accomplishment.

Airbag consist of: Ivan Karvaix on musette Béchonnet 16p (G pipes) and musette 14p (A pipes); Alain Barse on musette Béchonnet 16p and Christian Robert on musettes 23p (C) and 20p (D). All are eminent pipers, being long standing members of the traditional music organisation Les Brayauds; they are deeply steeped in the musical culture of their region and completely at ease with their pipes, music and, most importantly, each other. The CD consists of 15 tracks of trios and duos, which feature a thoughtfully arranged mixture of traditional and self composed tunes, all fitting well within the established tradition.

There is a relaxed openness and air of spontaneity about the playing throughout, which belies the many hours of playing that must have been required to develop such musical affinity. The more I listen, the more I hear and the more pleasure I get from this CD, which is not something I can say about many.

As for the melodies, there are so many which have a certain something that finds you humming along and then wanting to try them out on your own pipes. How about a tune book? You’ve got one potential customer already!

Highly recommended.
Ian Clabburn


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